Golden Oldie Geek Humor

It’s humor time again. I’m trying to avoid making this a total geek blog. Sometimes though, I just can’t resist. Here are a few very dated bits of computer humor that will bring back memories for some and make the younger crowd go, ‘huh?’

Real Programmers Don’t Eat Quiche; Real Computer Scientists Don’t Eat Quiche; Real Software Engineers Eat Quiche – On the last, I remember this as Real Application Programmers. If you mentally change all occurrences of software engineer with application programmer (or just pipe it to “sed ‘s,Software Engineer,Application Programmer,g'”) you’ll get it the way I remember it from years gone by.

If Architects Had to Work Like Programmers – A real classic. For non-geeks, take my word for it, programming really is like this.

The Adventures of Luke Vaxhacker – Only a certain brand of geek will still appreciate this one. And, that brand will love the font.

One Response to Golden Oldie Geek Humor

  1. CompuFun says:

    Nice collection of geek humor. The second link was really a fun to read.

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