Reproductive Choice

First and foremost, I would like to let everyone know what seems obvious, but may not be. Reproduction is a choice. Just because you grew up assuming you’d get married, move out to the burbs, and pop out a litter of street urchins doesn’t mean that you actually have to do it. If that is right for you, fine.

But, please, at least think about it first.

Know that you have a choice. Many people live a child free life and are happy and fulfilled. Remember, you may regret not having children, but imagine how much worse it would be to regret having them, worse for you, worse for your children, worse for the biosphere.

Once you are thinking about breeding, many people will likely try to encourage you. Since you will likely have no shortage of friends and relatives telling you that you should breed, I offer a link to the Biology and Breeding section provided by the good folks at The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.

This type of discussion may not convince you either way. In fact, it is not my intent to do so. My only intent is to convince you that reproduction is a big decision. It should be made only after careful thought. Please think before you add another human to this horrifically overpopulated planet. That’s all I ask.

If you came here expecting a discussion on abortion, I don’t mind if the thread gets sidetracked that way. In fact, just to encourage that type of debate, I will include a link to Respect for Life who have a very well thought out page on the subject. They make the surprising observation that both sides of the debate have more in common than they have differences.

Lastly, Viva Vasectomy!! If you’ve made a decision not to breed, and if you’re in a monogamous heterosexual relationship, consider vasectomy. It’s the safest, most effective, least intrusive method around.


5 Responses to Reproductive Choice

  1. bobbo says:

    Surely there must be reasons other than contributing to an overpopulated world for not having children?

    I start with a thought experiment—-answer the following question====2 people are in love with each other and get married. They live a mutually rewarding life supporting and enjoying one another. Then one of them turns their love and attention to a third person. When challenged on this change of heart, the person says “it just happened.” Is this sad or what?

    So, now, fill it in just a bit. The two people are man and wife and the 3rd person is a baby. The challenging part about life is that we are presented with a constant stream of choices and consequences. In the main, things don’t just happen, we choose them. Why and what you choose is who you are. Why not try to guide that?

  2. Misanthropic Scott says:


    You are clearly correct. There are many reasons not to breed. In addition to allowing one to continue to enjoy one’s own life, it may be a better choice for the child. The world in its terrible and deteriorating state may not be the type of place in which you want to dump your hypothetical child. Wouldn’t it be better to not be born than to live through the year 2050 when an estimated billion climate refugees will be scrambling for a place to call home? What state will society be in at that point? Can the economy absorb that level of devastation and still give a hypothetical child a decent life? I wouldn’t bet on it.

  3. synchrosina says:

    Oh, thank you. I don’t know you and I’ll never meet you, but you’re the first person to not whine about vasectomies and the child-free choice and lifestyle. I must get moaning from my family, my husband’s, and my coworkers about the matter on a daily basis.

  4. Misanthropic Scott says:


    Definitely do NOT cave to pressure. Keep true to your own choice, whatever it may be. Not having children is an extremely valid choice. Consider this, today’s one year olds, in the year 2050 will be 44 (my age). At that time, they will be dealing with a world population of 8 or 9 billion and a world economy that is attempting to care for a billion climate refugees. How many of us really want such a life for our children? How many of us are in denial despite the predictions of the most conservative scientific data in the world, the data released by consensus of the IPCC?

    Personally, I’m just hoping to be able to live out my own life before global civilizational collapse. I’m also doing my own little part to attempt to avoid it. But, even if we do manage to do our best, it is clear that the world is in severely deteriorating shape.

    Regardless of your personal reasons, that you may feel free to share here or not as you choose, the choice not to reproduce is a very valid one. If you are confident in that, it will help you deal with the pressure from others. You won’t be able to change their behavior. You can only change your reaction to it.

    Of course, you can get a bit more insistent with the most tenacious of the bunch and go for the shock value of referring them to the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. I always get a mild kick from doing that.

  5. BubbaRay says:

    I can understand your veiwpoints. I have one lovely daughter who unfortunately inherited a lot from me (like being right all the time and not suffering fools 🙂 ). Two people raising one child is still negative pop. growth.

    She is my one crowning achievement in life. I’ll not list all her laurels here, that would be seen as bragging. The fact that two people of different generations with some modicum of intelligence can converse still amazes me at times.

    At least she’s finally old enough now to realize the “old man” isn’t totally “full of it.” How old were you when you realised your parents were actually knowledgeable about life?

    That said, I fully support negative population growth.

    [Aside– Nice topic, Scott, more trip pix please.]

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