What Inaccuracies in ‘An Inconvenient Truth’?

October 3, 2007

In Britain, Stewart Dimmock, a father of two, a Kent school governor and a member of political group the New Party, asked the court to ban the film from the classroom. The Telegraph reports, ‘Mr Dimmock argued the film was unfit for schools because it was politically partisan and contained serious scientific inaccuracies, as well as “sentimental mush”.’

I did not see anything partisan. I agree there is some sentimental mush. However, I watched the film quite carefully and was already fairly knowledgeable about the issue by non-climate-scientist standards. So, I hear a statement like the one by Mr. Dimmock and see no specific inaccuracies listed and say, ‘What inaccuracies is this guy talking about??!!?’

Anyone have a list? Anyone have a single one? If so, please cite them here.

Let’s Win the War on Drug Lords

October 3, 2007

In order to win the war on drug lords we must first take a good hard look around us. We have been fighting a war on drugs for many years now. It is doing nothing. We still have all the old favorites all over the place. And, we still have well-armed drug lords.

I do not have a way to get rid of the drugs. I do not think it is truly possible to get rid of the drugs. However, I do believe that we could get rid of the drug lords with the stroke of a pen. I do not personally know of a single drug that is more dangerous than a gun toting drug lord.

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