Kimberly Clark = Old Growth Toilet Paper

UPDATE: Kimberly Clark has now pledged to make their products only from paper that is either recycled or Forest Stewardship Council certified as sustainable. While this is not as good as the 100% recycled products from companies like Marcal and Green Forest, it is far better than they were. I will continue to purchase only paper from 100% recycled sources, and the more from post-consumer the better. However, Kimberly Clark products may now be purchased with a relatively clear conscience.

And, remember that cloth napkins and handkerchiefs are cheap, easy to wash, and far more environmentally conscious than any paper products. Please give them a try. Sponges, towels, and good old fashioned rags also work well for replacing paper towels.

Here is the new statement from Greenpeace.

Case closed! A look back at the Kleercut campaign.

Here, for posterity is my original post.

Next time you blow your nose or wipe your ass with a Kleenex or Scott Tissue product, please imagine a beautiful old growth forest with lichens and mosses and spotted owls and other amazing creatures. Then imagine a huge field of stumps with severe erosion pouring precious top soil into the rivers and oceans and causing enormous hypoxic dead zones where no fish can live.

Why should you imagine this horrific scene? Because, Kimberly Clark refuses to use either recycled paper or even certified sustainable forest products for their high quality paper. To get that paper, they feel they must bulldoze enormous tracts of old growth forest. This is a purely evil company worried about nothing but short term profits.

We cannot continue to take such horrific actions and still have a habitable biosphere in which to live. In case you think I’m making all of this up, I have provided links to several different sources for the information. Since some people may consider Greenpeace a bit too radical for their tastes, I have avoided linking to their excellent summation of the situation. Instead, I have supplied links to Fortune Magazine (that left wing rag) and NRDC (as mainstream and reputable as any environmental organization).

Fortune Magazine Article

NRDC: The Truth About Kimberly-Clark’s Forestry Practices

NRDC: Paper and Pulp Industry Lays Waste to Virgin Kenogami Forest

I am not asking that you take any pledge or official action. Just avoid Kimberly Clark products. Join me in saying, “I wouldn’t wipe my ass with an old growth forest … literally!”

For alternatives, I personally recommend Marcal Softpack toilet paper, as good as most 2 ply brands and all recycled paper (30% post-consumer). For tissues, I like Green Forest brand, also as good as any and all recycled paper (40% post-consumer).


2 Responses to Kimberly Clark = Old Growth Toilet Paper

  1. Take Action: Send an email to Kimberly Clark telling them to use recycled paper instead of old growth forest.

    Greenpeace Action Center for easy email to Kimberly Clark

  2. Here’s an interesting article from the New York Times on the subject and about finally changing people’s minds about their paper products.

    Mr. Whipple Left It Out: Soft Is Rough on Forests

    I found this quote particularly disturbing.

    But people who buy toilet tissue for their homes — even those who identify themselves as concerned about the environment — are resistant to toilet tissue made from recycled paper.

    Can we environmentalists please try to do a little better than this?

    (Thanks to Heow for the article.)

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