Jesus Hates Me!

First, let me make a few things clear to avoid a bunch of misunderstandings.

  1. I am an atheist and antitheist. This means I do not believe in any deity, including Jesus, and so don’t really believe my own title.
  2. I do not hate Christianity more than any other type of theism. I am writing this post primarily in response to Higghawker who has repeatedly posted scripture on my site, presumably with the intent of converting me. It is my hope to redirect all such replies to this topic and leave non-religious topics free of mythological influence.
  3. I believe it is highly unlikely that Jesus ever existed as a human being.

So, why the title? Well, in my place and time, I have had more Christians attempt to convert me than other religions. Further, as far as I know, alone among religions in current practice, Christianity has the concept of Hell. I have had some Christians dispute this with me. However, most Christians believe in a Hell where sinners and non-believers go for eternity.

And here, is the crux (so to speak) of this issue for me. If Jesus loves me, why would he send me to Hell? Isn’t sending someone to burn and scream in pain and agony in a place of ultimate suffering with no hope for eventual reprieve for all of eternity until the end of time itself, the very definition of hatred? If one can believe in any of this crap, isn’t Jesus therefore the ultimate grudge holder? And, if Jesus holds this ultimate and eternal grudge for simply not believing in him, isn’t he also a narcissistic bastard?

I also feel it is rather capricious of Jesus to lump both sinners and non-believers together in this way. On the one hand are people who, by my definition of sin, have caused deliberate, intentional, and unnecessary harm to others. On the other hand are people who are good and decent humans. Many give to charities, help their neighbors, treat others with respect, and generally lead a good life. However, this latter category simply does not believe in Jesus. Some may be atheists or agnostics. Some may be members of other religions. Some may even be Christian, but based on what some people believe, just don’t believe the correct flavor of Christianity or perform the correct rituals. Would a good and just deity really lump all of these people together in Hell?

Would a god that was all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-forgiving really create a Hell in the first place? If so, why? Certainly sending someone there is not all-forgiving, whatever else it may be.

So, the question is, if one believes that non-believers actually do get sent to Hell, then why do evangelicals persist in stating, “Jesus Loves You.” Wouldn’t it be far more accurate and self-consistent to simply admit what seems obvious to me.

Jesus Hates Me!

30 Responses to Jesus Hates Me!

  1. Sviergn Jiernsen says:

    … this you know, cuz the Bible told you so, and if you die before you wake, have a nice big juicy steak!

  2. doridoidae says:

    ah, it’s your definition of “sin” that’s wrong. You see, most Christians, ESPECIALLY fundimentalists, veiw sin as something you can do WITHOUT intent. For example, that ant you stepped on in the morning when you went to work… DESTRUCTION OF GOD’S HOLY CREATION! That word you said when you hit your thumb with the hammer… SWEARING & TAKING THE LORD’S NAME IN VAIN! Every thing you do, every thing you say that isn’t absolutely PERFECT, well, that’s what sends everyone to Hell. Unless, for some reason, God forgives you. I’ve noticed that for some reason the people who spend their lives sucking up to His Son seem to be assured of a place in Heaven… which means, I guess, to be a Christian you don’t have to just do good things (avoid sin) and it isn’t merely faith (“because faith without works is dead” according to Paul) But merely that you’ve got the right “in”

    Hardly what I’d call a Just God… and not exactly the type of being I’d worship!

  3. Higghawker says:

    And here, is the crux (so to speak) of this issue for me. If Jesus loves me, why would he send me to Hell?

    It is your dis-obedience to His Word. Just as your father taught you to obey him, Jesus has left for everyone the guidebook to follow. It is that faith in believing what He has told you to do, that brings obedience to His word.

    Every knee will bow to Jesus on Judgment Day, Jesus return to take His church to God. Just as your father punished you for dis-obedience, those who follow their own rule will likewise face eternity in Hell.

    It is not Jesus that is at fault, but one’s own failure to obey the New Testament.

  4. Misanthropic Scott says:


    I’m very surprised you don’t see the inherent contradictions in your own statements.

    First, imagine you are the CEO of a corporation. Whether you choose to delegate any task or do it yourself, you are responsible for absolutely everything the corporation does.

    Second, my father’s punishments for disobedience were to correct my behavior for the future. They were short lived and connected with the actual behavior he wanted to correct. Jesus’ punishment is punishment for the sake of punishment. It lasts for eternity with no hope of reprieve and no chance to correct the behavior.

    Third, Jesus’ punishment is purely narcissistic in nature. The case where someone simply does not believe in Jesus but has hurt no one proves that Jesus is a megalomaniacal tantrum over being called either the wrong name or being simply ignored. This is not about correct behavior to others, loving they neighbor, or other worthy goal. This is purely about failure to worship the big fucktard in the sky.

    Fourth, you think the rules are clear??!!? Here, I’ll spell the rules out for you. Let me know if they still appear to be clear. If so, you may want to consider how, without a single shred of evidence that any god even exists, you can be so sure you’ve picked the one true set of rules.

    Rule #1: God’s name is Yahweh. He does not like to be called by actually pronouncing this name. Whenever you see the name Yahweh, you must say Adonoy (ah-doe-noy). Do not talk to any other god. If a child of yours speaks to you about other gods, it is your job to cast the first stone, to set an example, and the entire city must stone him/her to death. Yahweh likes to smite those who do wrong right here on earth. No pussy-footing around for this one.

    Rule #1: God has multiple personality disorder. Depending on which personality you wish to call, you may say God, Jesus, or The Holy Spirit. There is a second god who does bad things. This god may be referred to as Satan, Beelzebub, or The Devil. Speak to this god at your own peril. Denial of the existence of The Holy Spirit is unforgivable and causes eternal damnation. This god is nice and patient and wonderful here on earth but likes to send people to Hell to suffer forever without parole. Once you have been damned, there is no way to ever be forgiven.

    Rule #1: God’s name is Allah. Allah Akbar. Allah is great! Walalalalalalala. Allah, like Yahweh, is very into stoning people to death, and not in a good way. Leading a perfectly pious life will get one into paradise. Of course, women who are raped have not been pious by allowing themselves to be raped. They must be stoned to death. For Allah, a day fighting the infidels is worth a lifetime of piety. Dying while fighting the infidels is especially honorable and allows one to bring 40 loved ones to paradise and gets one 72 Virginians or virgins or something. Personally, I prefer a woman with some experience that can teach me a few things. But, to each his own.

    Rule #2: Don’t work on Saturday.

    Rule #2: Don’t work on Sunday.

    Rule #2: Don’t work on Friday.

    Other assorted lesser rules vary a bit, especially with Allah. Most include either a do not kill or do not murder clause. All specify many times when one must kill for religion, especially for breaking commandments. Working on the Sabbath, sleeping with a member of the same sex, being a victim of rape, wearing a cloth made of a mixture of cotton and wool, are all the types of things that warrant a good stoning.

    Under the three faces of god god, many interpret “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” as a repeal of the death penalty. If so, no quote ever specifies exactly which portions of Book 1 Book 2 is supposed to have excised. Many people seem to disagree about such points. In many cases, even those who believe in the shamrock god (three leaves == trinity) kill others who also believe in the three faces of god god just because of their minor differences in beliefs.

    Though both Allah and Kerberos the three-headed god/dog claim to be religions of peace, they have both caused some of the bloodiest wars in history. Yahweh makes no such pretense and is probably guilty of fewer wars and atrocities solely by having fewer people out there killing for him. Make no mistake about it. All of these gods love to beat the crap out of each other. Or, more accurately, they like to sit back and laugh as their followers kill each other.

    So, in what way do you think things are clear for us poor schmucks down here on earth? Why doesn’t god stomp in for a bit and let everyone know which rules to follow instead of continuing to leave us guessing … and murdering.

    Of course, things make a lot more sense when one simply accepts that we are what we are due to a long process of evolution and no such god character ever existed.

  5. Misanthropic Scott says:


    I wrote that lengthy reply last night and only realized this morning that your reply does not deny that Jesus hates me. It merely gives Jesus’ reason for hating me. And, he hates me for the pettiest of reasons. He hates me not because I’m evil or did something horrific. He hates me for not praising him. He didn’t get his saccharin adoration from me. Now he hates me. Some god. What a putz!

  6. Higghawker says:


    The rules you stated in the above comment, dealt with the Jews of the Old Testament. I believe they out of respect for God, on their own, decided that each time they saw the name Yahweh, to speak the name Adonoy? God gave the Jews 10 commandments to follow. Over time, they added some 500 traditions to the original Law, which they tried to bind as Law. We are not under the ten commandments today (Old law). When Jesus died on the cross, he nailed the Old Testament Law to the cross. We, (everyone), today live under the New Law of the New Testament. The apostles doctrine which the Holy Spirit miraculously spoke thru the apostles, we now have in written form as the New Testament. That is your law and mine. Here we find out what one must do to become a Christian (Acts 2), and how to live our lives.

    Rule 1a: The Godhead is made up of 3 people. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. These 3 make 1. Yes, it is hard to understand, but they all 3 have different jobs.

    One must be forgiven of sin to become a Christian and go to heaven. Once you have obeyed the gospel and been baptized for the remission of your sin, one must live their lives as best they can. Does this mean you wont sin again? No, but it does mean that you now have a way to ask forgiveness thru Jesus. That is one of the blessings of being a child of God. It is this obedience, humbling yourself to His Word, that will keep one on the straight and narrow road.

    Rule 1b: You are mixing scripture. I do not believe in the Koran. I solely believe in the Bible. We are under the authority of New Testament teachings.

    Rule 2: All Old Testament. These were done away with at the death of Jesus on the cross.

    God loves you Scott, he always will. Why should you praise him? Because he loves us all enough that he gave his only son to die on the cross, that if we might obey His Word, we can spend eternity with him in heaven. It takes more than belief, it takes action.

    Try picking up the New Testament and start with the Gospel of John.


  7. Higghawker says:

    From other article:

    “First, I agree that there are no animals in heaven. But then, I think there is no heaven. Remember though, humans are animals. Or, did you really think that you are either vegetable or mineral?

    But, let’s get back on track. If you want to continue the heaven track, let’s move that to the “Jesus Hates Me” thread.”

    We are not animals, we are humans. God created us in His image, also being the ONLY beings to have a soul. Animals do not have souls.

  8. Misanthropic Scott says:


    I must confess that I find your take on religion arrogant in the extreme. With so many different belief systems in the world today, you are 100% sure that yours and yours alone is correct. You believe Jesus threw out the old testament. However, you probably believe in creation, which is solely from the OT, AFAIK. You instantly sweep away Jews, Muslims, and many many Christians who have a very different take on the Bible than you do.

    You presumably throw away Hinduism, Buddhism, and all the rest just as quickly. Are you aware of how arrogant this makes you?

    Further, believing humans to be special and the only beings with a soul is further proof of the level of your arrogance. Humans evolved from other animals. Get used to it. That we evolved from animals and are therefore animals is among the most proven facts in the world. That we call this a theory is due to the lack of arrogance of modern science. Newton called his theory the Laws of Motion. Science has become less arrogant since then.

    Evolution notes that animals have changed over time, resulting in the incredibly beautiful variety of species on the planet today. Natural Selection describes the mechanism for that change. The first is as close to fact as we are capable of getting given the limits of our own brains. The second is one of the most tried and proven theories we have. It’s right up there with relativity and quantum mechanics.

    I would strongly suggest that you make a pilgrimage to see some of the great apes in the wild. I have seen both chimpanzees and mountain gorillas. I assure you that when you look in their eyes, it is impossible to ignore that you are looking at close kin. If you are capable of doing so, then you must indeed be highly brainwashed.

    You believe god created you personally in his own image (wow, I can’t imagine that level of narcissistic self-importance), then god gave you your brain. He probably wants you to use it once in a while. Look at the world around you and think. God must want it that way or he wouldn’t have given you the capability.

    As for no other animals in heaven, that would be hell for me. In fact, spending eternity with evangelical born-agains would be hell for me too. That’s double hell. No thanks. When I die, I just want the meat that was me to get back in the food chain. That’s all the immortality I hope for.

  9. Dj ice-9 says:

    What do you know about UFO’S. Do you believe in that? Well since I started using the name YAHWEH UFO’S (Glowing lights) show up over my house and other places… I have over 20 people who have seen then with me when I use the name YAHWEH…. In the last two years I’ve been doing nothing but research into all this Religion stuff….. I found out it’s all FALSE and a Trick of Satan…

    ON THE OTHER HAND…… YAHWEH is 100% REAL and all you have to do to be right with YAHWEH is Respect the commandments and only LOVE YAHWEH.

    It’s that easy….

    The scary part is the Church Violates every single commandment and tells you to worship JESUS. But we were warned about FALSE CHRISTS AND JESUS is a FALSE MAN MADE TRANSLATION… J-ESUS IESUS, HESUS, ALL FALSE CHRISTS!

    The letter and the sound of the letter J is only 500 Years old….




  10. Misanthropic Scott says:

    What do you know about UFO’S. Do you believe in that?

    I do not believe we have been visited. I hope they do not come. What has happened on this planet whenever a more technically advanced civilization has come in contact with a less technically advanced civilization? if they can come here and we can’t go there, we’re lunch … or slaves … or pets …

    As for the rest, please don’t pass whatever you’re smoking. I’m not interested.

  11. Sviergn Jiernsen says:

    YAHWEH is just all the known vowels in most human speech run together as a diphthong. Try it:


    Now say it backwards:




    Uh oh, we broke the universe!!!! Saying God’s true universal name backwards causes time and space to invert, making later several million miles away and next door last week! Heaven help us!

    But it won’t. Because it’s been proven here and elsewhere that the great big bully EEEEE-AHHHH-UHHHH-OOOOO-EHHHH really doesn’t like us, though he often claims he does and constantly claims he loves us and demands our prayers. (“But he loves you…”)

  12. Misanthropic Scott says:

    There is a theory that says that if ever the ultimate question to life the universe and everything and the answer (42) are both known by a single induhvidual at once, the universe will instantly vanish and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory that this has already happened.

    I think it has happened many times.

  13. Sviergn Jiernsen says:

    I think it’s happening right n… … … … …

  14. danielpcorrea says:


    who will be cast into hell isn’t you, but the devils who are in your flesh and soul (Rom 7:18-19).

    If you are linked with them, you will be cast together. Because this, you nedd born again (Jo 3) to be linked with God (1 Co 6:19-20).

    Jesus love you and the wish od God is save your soul.

  15. […] another reason to listen more and talk […]

  16. love1wins says:

    i’ m sorry that the Christians that have tried to talk to you have come across as jerks and thrown scripture at you like bullets, trying to knock you down in order to save you. A lot of people are trying to do the right thing, but just go about it the wrong way. But that’s not all of us. If you have the desire and you are willing to explore check out this book: When Bad Christians happen to Good People. There’s a chance it might give you more reasons to hate on Christians, but it also shows the reality that many Christians aren’t out to attack unbelievers

  17. OMG, Misanthropic, you are sooooo going to hell to burn in eternal damnation. Just kidding. Hey, Higghawker, “everyone lives under the new law of the new testament”???How dare you presume you can speak for me or anyone else. I answer to myself and no one else. heaven and hell are just fairytale propaganda cleverly designed to keep christian followers submissive to the church’s teachings. So quit hawking up your bullshit. And btw, I thought chrisitans believed the only way to salvation was accepting jesus as your lord and saviour? Not through the “works” you do in life. It’s also a fact that the bible has been rewritten and revised many times by mortals so how reliable, factual and inspired by god can it be? It is my belief that man was not created in god’s image. god was created in man’s image. you can put your own spin on just about anything. Kudos to you Misanthropic. Keep up the good work in saving us from the bible thumpers of the world.

  18. Misanthropic Scott says:


    I am not deriding Christians, just Christianity, on this thread. My point is literally with the scripture itself. I believe it simultaneously causes violence and makes no sense. If Jesus loves me, why would he send me to hell? What would be the means by which I could correct myself and get out?


    Thanks for the kind words. IMNSHO, the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion (deliberately singular) has caused many of the bloodiest wars in history. I believe it is divisive and violent both in its effect and in fact in its original design.

  19. evanescent says:

    Good post this. There’s nothing more distasteful than theists preaching scripture at you. I cringe when I remember myself preaching, quoting the bible, feeling full of righteous, and speaking as if god was next to me. I imagine I was quite hilarious, as some theists are to atheists now (the ones that aren’t trying to pervert secular governments, twist legal policy to their own ends, condemning non-believers, or flying planes into buildings).

    What theists honestly don’t get (I know because I used to be one) is that whenever they quote scripture and talk about Jesus, they might as well be talking about the easter bunny. Yes, I’m talking to you! Your beliefs are ridiculous to us! If you want to be taken seriously, join us in the real world.

  20. Misanthropic Scott says:


    Well said!! And welcome to reality. Some of us find it liberating to not be enslaved to a fictional character. Some of us appreciate life more. How much more precious is life knowing that when it ends, it ends? (Yes, I am strongly pro-choice since pro-choice is pro-life.)

  21. evanescent says:

    Hi Scott,

    I don’t like the terms pro-choice or pro-life personally! (If you want to talk about abortion by the way you’re welcome to read my article here:

  22. love1wins says:

    being a father i understand that i discipline my kids because i love them. but i also reward my kids because i love them, but i don’t do those 2 actions at the same time.
    i believe hell is a reality and the Bible provides the “escape plan.”
    let’s face it- if you were to read though the new testament and look at the things that God asks people to do wouldn’t it be one of the best ways to live:
    reconcile with your brother, solve matters quickly with your enemy, love your enemies, don’t show off your righteousness, don’t be materialistic, don’t worry, be careful about how you judge others (all found in Matthew 5-7).
    the problem is that people can’t follow through perfectly on the things they say they believe. try to live a perfect day according to your beliefs (whatever they may be). You can’t do it perfectly, because it is human nature to miss things up. and i think that fact that this is true explains why “religion” has been the cause of so many wars. listen, its not religion’s fault that some people are just plain jerks!

  23. evanescent says:

    love1wins: the problem is that you don’t need the bible or religion for any of that good advice. Why not just be nice to people because it’s nice, and ignore all that rambling and mumbo-jumbo in the bible, along with the despicable horror that comes with its god!

    And the truth is, it IS religion’s fault that its members act the way they do! Religious people throughout time have consistently tortured, suppressed, and killed other people, IN THE NAME of their religion! The direct inspiration for many of it comes from the holy books themselves.

    Name one good thing that it would be impossible to do without religion.

  24. @danielpcorrea:

    that seems like a cookie-cutter letter to me– you didn’t even bother to put in his name!

    oh, and true believers of their religion of choice do whatever their holy book tells them to do…. even if it is crashing planes into buildings, taking over governments to kill gays, etc.

  25. BubbaRay says:

    Guess I’m just dated, but when I was 6, I asked my Baptist preacher what happened to all those souls who lived before Christ. His answer? “Well, according to the Scripture they’re not in Heaven.”

    That fairly well decided things for me at a rather early age. Holy Crap!

    And now I’m in eternal conflict, I really do enjoy some of the better Gospel music. Unfortunately, Elvis has left the building. 🙂

    • Indurrago says:

      You don’t have to believe word for word what songs say to enjoy them. =) I always thought it was truly unfair and wrong that there are in fact aboriginal people who lived the same way for thousands of years and never touched or even less heard of a bible or Jesus but are still subjected to the same critique as the rest of us. They neither rejected or accepted Jesus but are still condemned to eternal suffering….

      • If there were an all-knowing, all-powerful, all-benevolent god, I would hope that s/he would judge us on something far more important than acceptance of god under the correct name.

        I asked a born-again coworker once, “What happens to a man who does all the right things all his life, gives to charity, never hurts anyone, etc., but just doesn’t believe in Jesus?”

        He responded, “Where else is he going to go?” and gestured downward.

        A god such as that would be worthy of contempt rather than worship.

        Then, of course, there’s the minor point that a universe that contained a personal god who responds to prayers for temporary8 suspension of the laws of physics would be demonstrably different than the one in which we find ourselves.

        So, luckily, we don’t have to worry about such a despicable god.

  26. Misanthropic Scott says:

    One can enjoy the music (though I don’t) and not follow the belief in the same way that one can appreciate the beautiful architecture and stained glass windows of a cathedral while still wondering how many houses for the poor could have been built with the resources.

  27. Tasha says:

    i believe that God doesnt want to send anyone to hell. i think hell is the very last resort for a soul standing in front of God (like after you die and you actually see God and know without a doubt he exists) and you choose not to be with Him.

  28. Tasha,

    Very interesting opinion, and a lot more rational and less self-contradictory than most. Of course, it still makes god only conditionally forgiving. Personally, if I do find out that I’m wrong and there is a god, s/he has a lot to answer for. I think I’d still take my chances on giving god one good shot in the nose before I get zapped for eternity by the narcissistic xenophobic genocidal bastard. But, that’s just me.

    It’s also meaningless since I am indeed an atheist.

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