This Guy is Either Onto Something Or On Something.

September 18, 2007

Not my favorite source by any stretch of the imagination, but, even Fox gets a good one once in a while.

I wonder what happens next, a summary judgment? An injunction? After failure to comply, perhaps a bench warrant?

Here’s the MSNBC version of the same story on the Dawkin’s site.

For a real surprise though, I actually like the Fox reporting better on this one. It actually reports the motive of Senator Chambers as being to block legislation against frivolous law suits. He claims everyone is entitled to sue anyone for anything. The courts are open. I actually agree with the point he’s trying to make. But, I think he has a side agenda. See, god does exist, we even sued him/her once.

Thanks to ‘republican’ for finding this.

Meat, Meet Meat

September 18, 2007

This is one of my favorite pieces of humor on the internet. I strongly recommend reading it before reading my commentary below about my circumstances when I first read it, which only made it funnier for me.

Meat, by Terry Bisson

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