Electing the Unelectable

How can we as a people elect the unelectable candidates?

In this election, one thing is clear to me. The candidates with the best views on many issues and that are bought by the fewest corporations are getting little or no air time from the corporate media. This is severely negatively impacting their chances for election.

The candidate I happen to favor is Kucinich. Interestingly, even after he won the MSNBC debate handily according to the poll of the viewers, MSNBC simply decided not to report who won. This appears to me to be highly unprecedented.

Being corporations, it is as if these media giants have simply declared that they will not let us hear the names of the really good candidates enough to get it through the thick skulls of the American people, many of whom vote largely on name recognition.

So, how can we get the word out that candidates like Kucinich and Paul even exist so that people can make their informed decisions about such candidates? Personally, I don’t like Paul for his anti-choice stance and his affiliation with a party that has become wholly evil, despite its original well-meaning ideals.

However, it seems clear to me that if we want something better than a government of the corporation by the corporation and for the corporation, we must do something. And, we most likely must do it without diebold voting machines in place.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to make this happen?

5 Responses to Electing the Unelectable

  1. Higghawker says:

    Just my two cents, but I don’t think people will search out, pay attention, however you want to say it, until it starts affecting their ability to provide for their dinner? Of course by this time, it’s to late. It is amazing to me the percentage of people who even vote!

  2. BubbaRay says:

    At this point, I’d vote for Porgy Tirebiter. There are so many ways to make voting stone cold dead nut accurate, I won’t bother to list them. But with all the money involved with players like Diebold et al., I doubt we’ll ever see them.

    If I can build robot telescopes, I have no doubt you and I could build voting machines, but I our chances of selling even one are slim to none, and slim just left town.

    Isn’t it a shame that the people actually qualified for the job are too smart to take it?
    You can visit Porgy Tirebiter and the Firesign Theater here:


  3. Misanthropic Scott says:


    Probably true. In fact, even inability to pay for dinner might not get some people’s attention. As long as they have their MTV, or today’s equivalent in entertainment, they may not even notice if they starve.

    Orwell was wrong. Government does not need to have the TVs watching everyone. As long as everyone is watching their TV, there will be no thought crime. There will be no thought.

  4. Misanthropic Scott says:


    I’m voting Bilbo Baggins for president myself. have you noticed that Diebold machines are catching on in the rest of the world too? Check the documentary Hacking Democracy. YIKES!!

  5. Sviergn Jiernsen says:

    Ah… “Porgy Tirebiter, he’s a spy and a girl delighter, Orgy Firefighter, he’s a student like you…”

    Can we elect someone who graduated from Communist Martyrs High School?

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