Just say “Hi”

Since I have had cases where people typed to me on my about page and don’t like my pages to have discussions on them, I figured I’d set this up. Got something to say to me that is unrelated to any other topic? Please put it here. I’ll get back to you.

4 Responses to Just say “Hi”

  1. OvenMaster says:

    Scott, thanks for the correction on the Voltaire quote. I am ashamed to say that my mind was stripping gears at the time and I thought wrong. Kudos, Sir.

    Regards from OM

  2. Misanthropic Scott says:

    Hey, we’re all imperfect. Or, if you prefer, we are all perfect specimens of human beings, with our faults like everyone else.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. MARS says:

    Just wanted to stop by and say howdy. I am sure I will be getting into many an discussion. Too bad that capiriña aren’t dgital

  4. rickace says:

    Scott, I agree with the Misanthropic Principle. Homo sapiens sapiens (love that iteration of the “sapiens” thing … it telegraphs how full of ourselves we are) hasn’t quite panned out within the ecosystem as a successful experiment in genetics, and we’ve manifested ourselves as the consummate invasive species. Not what I’d call hitting it out of the park. Maybe homo sapiens V2.0 will improve on the original … assuming that we don’t kill off the biosphere before they get to evolve.

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