Polar Bears at Churchill

These photos were taken in Churchill Canada. I will update this at a later date, possibly much later, with some real information. This is in response to a Dvorak blog post. I just wanted to show the difference between the type of view from the dog farm there and the tundra buggy. The head shot was taken from a van window on the dog farm. The other two were from the buggy.

Polar Bear Head Shot

Polar Bear Walking

Polar Bears Sparring

Note: this write-up is incomplete. Reply below to request completion of the write-up and additional photos of snowy owl and arctic hare

3 Responses to Polar Bears at Churchill

  1. BubbaRay says:

    Nice camera – a Canon EOS 20D?

    Great photos. I’m stuck in the SW US, so instead of polar bears, I get big cats, large bass and really ugly Javelina hogs. 🙂


    Some people actually go hunt these varmints! After narrowly escaping death by one, I decided fishing was a much friendlier sport – I can swim and the bass can’t eat me!

  2. Misanthropic Scott says:


    Thanks for the compliment on the photos!

    You mean I didn’t have to go all the way to Peru to see collared peccaries? Oh well. Peru was great for a number of reasons. I’ll leave that for another post. I also just learned that they are not true pigs, which are an old world group. Peccaries, of course, are a new world group.

    Do you actually get jaguars? The only big cat in the Americas is the jaguar. Or, were you referring to pumas, the largest of the small cats? Though the size range for pumas is larger than some large cats, they are technically small cats, genus Felis rather than Panthera, due to the hyoid bones being fused in one group and not in the other. Sorry I don’t remember which genus has fused hyoids.

  3. BubbaRay says:

    Scott, when one of those cats is about to shred you, the first thing in your mind is NOT “hmm, I wonder what species that is, maybe a bobcat?”.

    Even fishing is not safe! There is nothing like a 150 lb. live jaws-flopping black tail shark in the boat to make that adrenaline flow…

    He was great when grilled, though!

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